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Ride through the night to the seaside with a bunch of like-minded people with this the northern homage to the Dunwich Dynamo
It’s a (west) Coast to Coast (east), it’s south to north, Carlisle to Cramond beach in Edinburgh, England to Scotland, an overnight century (100.5 miles), following the path of the Roman legions
A Ride to the Sun!

To help promote the amazing Ride To The Sun event, and to launch our new Bullitt Direct site, we have set aside 10 Bullitts at a special discounted price*

The Bullitt is Danish. Denmark is in the EU.

We are not.

 Covid-19 may have increased bike usage, but bike makers are struggling to source components and shipping is erratic.

Because of this. Larry vs Harry have announced an imminent 5% price increase

Beat the price rise

Save up to £600* off the purchase of a Bullitt now with the RTTS discount code.

To get the discount code all you need to do is

register an interest in the event here.

*Limited to the first 10 deposits received – offer ends June 28th 2021.

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