The Original Bullitt

Pure Pedal Powered Brilliance

A Pleasure To Ride ¦ Slim. Agile. Lightweight.

The Bullitt cargo bike has always been and continues to be the most flexible solution available.

Bullitt Cargo Bikes Direct is dedicated to supplying your fully custom-built, ready to ride Original Bullitt directly to your door.

Built to last, fast, fun and strong, the Bullitt is more than just a machine and is loved by families, bicycle messengers, businesses and adventurers around the globe who use it daily for all their transport requirements.

Our Original Bullitt stock derailleur setup is a choice between the Deore 20-speed or the XT 12-speed, and for the hub geared options it’s either the Alfine 8-speed (with or without Gates Carbon Drive) or the Alfine 11-speed (only with the Gates Carbon Drive). But the beauty of the original Bullitt frame is that it will accommodate pretty much any groupset that you care to name. So, if you would prefer a different set up then please get in touch and we will check out availability and pricing.

The prices include VAT and delivery to one UK mainland address, and include all the usual finishing kit comprising handlebars, grips, stem, saddle, seatpost, Wellgo pedals & mudguards.

If in stock, we will deliver your Original Bullitt directly to your door, fully tested and ready to ride, including any specified integral accessories such as the BBX boards and/or baseboard it, usually within 5-10 days from receipt of payment in full.

If your preferred set up is not in stock then it will be on back order with the UK importer, and we will let you know their current estimated delivery time. If your order is not in stock, and our estimated delivery time is not convenient, then you can of course ask for a full refund and replace your order at a later date.

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XT 12-Speed Derailleur Groupset

If you are used to riding with external gears and want more efficiency when riding, then the XT 12-speed and the Deore 20-speed are great examples.

New Shimano 12-speed component group featuring 142×12 rear spacing/dropouts, a 10-51T cassette, 34T chainring and the new TRP G-Spec eMTB brakes.

Larry vs Harry have developed this as a light geared alternative for people needing a mountain goat!

Included in groupset:
142×12 rear spacing/dropouts
10-51 cassette
34t chainring
The new TRP G-Spec eMTB brakes
Finishing Kit: Handlebar, grips, stem, saddle, seatpost, Wellgo pedals & mudguards

Deore 20-Speed Derailleur Groupset

External gear systems offer the best power transfer. There is less energy getting lost in space, so every bit of raw power you put into your pedals will be transferred almost directly into your forward momentum and getting you where you need to be. This is the most efficient type of setup.

Based on the bombproof entry level MTB groupset, Deore 20 has a 2×10 drivetrain and is perfect for hilly conditions.

Hydraulic Tektro disc brakes provide ample stopping power. Gear ratio: Cassette 11-32T, Chainrings 24-32T.

Included in groupset:
Full Deore groupset consisting of crank, bottom bracket, front/rear derailleurs, shifters
TRP Slate T4 hydraulic disc brakes
Wheels: Novatec hubs, Alex DM24 rims, Schwalbe Marathon tyres
Finishing Kit: Handlebar, grips, stem, saddle, seatpost, Wellgo pedals & mudguards

On the other hand, if you prefer hub gears then the Alfine 8-speed or the Alfine 11-speed are a good combo. Hub gears are simpler: one cog, one chain and one chainring; and you can change gear even when stationary, and with fewer parts compared to derailleurs, when the gear set is set up correctly there is very little service.

With one cog, one chain/belt drive, and one chainring, hub gears require less maintenance and, unlike derailleur gears, you can also choose to upgrade to the Gates Carbon Drive, and you can change gear even when stationary.

Alfine 8-Speed Hub Geared Groupset

Alfine 8 is the benchmark now for dependable, well performing internal groupsets.

Offering a broader gear ratio than Nexus 7 and two hydraulic disc brakes, Alfine 8 is an extremely robust groupset which has seen several developments over the years and whose hub is optimised to low maintenance and durability.

The gear ratio for Alfine 8 is 307%.

Included in the groupset:
Full groupset, consisting of crank (39T), bottombracket, shifter
Disc brakes (TRP Slate T4)
Wheels, Alex DM24 rims, Novatec front hub and Shimano Alfine rear hub (with Schwalbe Marathon tyres fitted)
Finishing Kit: Handlebar, grips, stem, saddle, seatpost, Wellgo pedals & mudguards

Alfine 11-Speed Hub Geared Groupset with Gates

Fit and forget mechanical version Shimano Alfine 11 fitted with Gates Carbon Drive.

Based around Shimano’s great Alfine 11 internal hub which has a 307% gear ratio and a closed and sealed oil bath system to ensure long intervals between services.

Included in groupset:
Brakes: TRP G spec E-MTB
Crank: Alfine crank with 55t Gates Centretrack Chainring mounted
Rear Wheel: Alfine 11 rear hub with 26t Gates Centretrack Sprocket laced to Alex rims DM24 rim
Front Wheel: Novatec hub laced to Alex rims DM24 rim
Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon 26″ x 1.75, 20″ x 1.75
Finishing Kit: Handlebar, grips, stem, saddle, seatpost, Wellgo pedals & mudguards

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Gates Carbon Drive Belt

Are you struggling to... read more

Gates Carbon Drive Belt

Are you struggling to figure out the difference between choosing a regular chain vs a Gates drivebelt? Larry vs Harry made a small video explaining what these two setups can do.

The Gates Carbon Drive option for hub geared versions of the eBullitt or Bullitt upgrades the bike from a regular chain to the incredible Gates Carbon Drive system, and is retrofittable.

Constructed from carbon kevlar, the belt is incredibly strong, does not require lubricating, and really comes into its own in winter conditions especially when the roads are gritted. No more oily clothing or rusty chains to get caught up in either!


When selecting components for the Bullitt... read more

Built to Last

Fit for Purpose

When selecting components for the Bullitt, Larry vs Harry are careful and proud to work with some of the most quality obsessed manufacturers in the business, including Gates Carbon Drive, Shimano, TRP, Schwalbe and Abus.

The components chosen are designed to work with cargo bikes and if required, certified for use with electric assist bikes and the extra wear and tear incurred by using them.

Larry vs Harry have chosen to spec four piston brakes and 180mm rotors on all Bullitt models so that stopping quickly and effectively under load in all environments and weather conditions is maximised.


The Bullitt frame has been tested to the... read more

Safety Through Design

The Bullitt frame has been tested to the very highest standards available and is the benchmark in cargo bike construction. Larry vs Harry have been building, testing and riding the Bullitt for over a decade and their children have all grown up in the Bullitt, they value the safety properties it possesses highly and are proud to offer it to others.

The low centre of gravity at the heart of the Bullitt lends itself superbly to stability and ensure both cargo and passengers remain secure and safe at all times.

The stiffness and robustness of the frame ensures unwanted flex is not an issue and ensures the Bullitt tracks beautifully.


The tried and tested line of accessories like... read more

The tried and tested line of accessories like the Canopy, with its steel frame and sidebars, ensure child safety whilst the construction of BBX Sidepanel Kits and Honeycomb Boards consists of an advance aluminium lattice which maintains rigidity and stiffness.

The fabrics and materials of all the accessories have been certified for use with children and Larry vs Harry are proud of their continuing commitment to the Bullitt being the safest and most secure cargo bike on the market.

Cargo Family

Transport your children and loved ones with... read more

Transport your children and loved ones with ease and with a smile, both on your face and on theirs. School and grocery runs made easy and convenient, holidays and adventures made special.

Cargo Everyday

Cargo Business

The Bullitt streamlines, hastens and... read more


The Bullitt streamlines, hastens and makes inner city business more efficient. Fact. Happy employees at street level who engage with pedestrian traffic are also fantastic ambassadors for your brand.

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