The Original Pure Pedal Powered Bullitt

with hub gears

A Pleasure To Ride ¦ Slim. Agile. Lightweight.

Fast and easy to manoeuvre, the Bullitt’s unique stiff, three dimensional frame construction and geometry ensure stability at speed and over a variety of surfaces.

The Bullitt’s geometry has been designed specifically to maintain good handling with weight in the cargo area whilst the compact rear end and short chainstay keep handling nimble. The steering system keeps turn precise and the height at which the cargo area has been placed means that whilst the centre of gravity is low, ground clearance is not compromised.

The Bullitt has a slim cargo platform which functions well, both navigating narrow bicycle lanes and playing nicely when sharing the road with other road users or indeed sharing the pavement with pedestrians. This quick and flexible multi tool personality is at the core of the Bullitt’s many assets and is testament to why it ends up being utilised so much by owners.

Alfine 8

The benchmark now for dependable, well performing internal groupsets.

Alfine 8 is the benchmark now for dependable, well performing internal groupsets. Offering a broader gear ratio than Nexus 7 and two hydraulic disc brakes, Alfine 8 is an extremely robust groupset which has seen several developments over the years and whose hub is optimised to low maintenance and durability.

The gear ratio for Alfine 8 is 307%.

Included in groupset (Gates Carbon Drive is an optional extra):

Full groupset, consisting of crank (39 tooth chainring), bottom bracket, shifter

Disc brakes (TRP Slate T4)

Wheels, Alex DM24 rims, Novatec front hub and Shimano Alfine rear hub (with Schwalbe Marathon tyres fitted)

Finishing Kit: Handlebar, grips, stem, saddle, seatpost, Wellgo pedals & mudguards

Dropouts included

Alfine 11 Gates

Fit and forget mechanical version Shimano Alfine 11 fitted with Gates Carbon Drive.

Based around Shimano’s great Alfine 11 internal hub which has a  307% gear ratio and a closed and sealed oil bath system to ensure long intervals between services.

One cog, one chain and one chainring. With fewer parts, there is very little to go wrong, so this is the most reliable set-up on offer.

With these fewer parts the maintenance is reduced. When the gear set is set up correctly and ready to use, there is very little service. Internal hub gears can even be changed when the bike is stationary.

Included in groupset:

Brakes: TRP G spec E-MTB

Crank: Alfine crank with 55t Gates Centretrack Chainring mounted Rear

Wheel: Alfine 11 rear hub with 26t Gates Centretrack Sprocket laced to Alexrims DM24 rim Front

Wheel: Novatec hub laced to Alexrims DM24 rim

Tyres: Schwalbe Marathon 26″ x 1.75, 20″ x 1.75

Finishing Kit: Handlebar, grips, stem, saddle, seatpost, Wellgo pedals & mudguards

Dropouts included

Alfine 8-speed: £3,159.86* ¦ Alfine 8-speed with Gates Carbon Drive: £3,428.04* ¦ Alfine 11-speed with Gates Carbon Drive: £3,707.88*

We aim to stock Alfine 8 and 11-speed groupsets, but the beauty of the original Bullitt frame is that it will accommodate a variety of hub gears. So, if you would prefer a different set up then please get in touch and we will check out availability and pricing.

*includes vat and delivery fully assembled to any UK mainland address.

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