The BULLITT® Cargo Bike

The World’s

Fastest Cargo Bike

The Bullitt cargo bike is a game-changer.
Imagine – driving less and feeling good about it.
It’s the cool answer to everyday urban chores yet with all the fun and excitement of riding your favourite bike.
Why you need a cargo bike
Please can we go?

Bullitt, your new family member!

Turn those weekday routines into spontaneous fun with a Bullitt. Stop wherever and whenever you like to enjoy new sights, talk with friends and feel inspired. Get that same feeling of freedom and adventure that is unique to cycling and look forward to something new every time.
Transport your children and loved ones with ease and with a smile, both on your face and on theirs. School and grocery runs made easy and convenient, holidays and adventures made special.
Bullitt, your new family member!

What's so great about Bullitt?
Larry vs Harry's Home

Dedicated to bringing you the finest cargo bicycles.

Larry vs Harry have been making the Bullitt, and nothing but the Bullitt, for well over a decade, and they are dedicated to creating the perfect do-it-all cargo bike. The Bullitt cargo bike has always been and continues to be the most flexible solution available. Built to last, fast, fun and strong, the Bullitt is more than just a machine and is loved by families, bicycle messengers, businesses and adventurers around the globe who use it daily for all their transport requirements.

Why Direct?
We just sell Bullitts

Dedicated bespoke ordering

Working closely with Larry vs Harry's UK distributor, Bullitt Cargo Bikes Direct is dedicated to supplying Bullitts, and nothing but Bullitts, directly to UK customers. It is our intention to deliver your fully built-up Bullitt directly to your door within 5 days of payment in full.
We have put together a selection of gear combinations of the original, pure pedal powered Bullitts, but if you fancy something different then it can be done, just get in touch.
The same is not true of the eBullitts, which are a fundamentally different frame design and Di2 integration means these Bullitts come pre-equipped, so what you see is what you get.

Which Bullitt